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Some Views of the Jesuit Cemetery at Saint Andrew-on-Hudson

Some pictures of Jesuits and former Jesuits
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TIME magazine article from April 23, 1973, about Jesuits finding themselves

Sex and Sexuality by Charles J. O'Byrne (from Playboy for September 2002)

The New Jesuits vs. The Unheavenly City by Garry Wills (New Your Magazine, August 2, 1971)

Age Quod Agis - a 40 page booklet on Jesuit management techniques from 2005 by Michael E. Egan NY58

When Death Will Not Leave: A husband's journey through grief by James R. Kelly (America Magazine, April 14, 2008, Vol. 198 No. 12)

John I. McEnerney MD62, Organist - Website

Joseph F. Halpin NY49 - Taxshield - Website

John P. Stanley NY55 - John P. Stanley Associates - Financial Planning - Website

Cody's, 158 Court Street, Brooklyn -- occasional meetings April 2007 October 2007 May 2008 June 16 2008

Wernersville: maps and diagrams
Wernersville 1999 pictures (Bill Wurzel MD64)
Wernersville 2004 pictures
Wernersville 2006 pictures
Wernersville 2007 pictures
Wernersville 2007 pictures (Bill Wurzel MD64)
Wernersville 2008 pictures

Wernersville Jesuit Center page

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