Below are pictures of Jesuits and former Jesuits.

Thomas Guerin on LIFE
at Woodstock in 1953

Ordinandi of June 11, 1970

Ron Bowers, Tom Green, and Al Mally
at STA in 1952

Pat McGeever

Ed Cuffe SJ NY 32
as a student at STA

Peter Heinegg NY 59 at Union College

Vow Day July 31, 1947, at STA
Back row: Charles Gallagher, F. E. Peters, Matthew Healy, Robert Cloney
Front row: James Coleman, Joseph Latella, Edward Fischer
F. E. Peters

Vow Day July 31, 1961 at STA
Back row: Jim Reardon, Dennis Walsh, Shaun O'Connell, John McGrath, Bob Goger
Front row: Dan Gatti, Jack Godfrey, Chris Conroy, Tom Delaney, Raoul Orceyre, Jerry Esterheld

Chris Conroy NY 59, Jim Riordan NY 59, and Jack Godfrey NY 59,
at STA as poets in Fr Sullivan's class

Scholastics at Regina Coeli in 1963
Back Row: Jack Morrison, Jim Malone, Bill Burton, Charlie Kiely, Joseph Domdero, Bob Goger, Dennis Walsh
Middle Row: Kevin McKay, Mike Coogan, 2 unknown parish priests, Bob Stump, Brian Coyle, Don McKenna
Front Row: Paul McCarren, Len Grimaldi, Jim Riordan, Pat Conroy, Art Weyrauch, Peter Heinegg

Jack Podsiadlo SJ NY 58, Tom Gravey NY 59, Tom Ritz NY 58, Jerry Esterheld NY 59

Ronald Bowers

Joe Halpin NY 49 on July 1, 2011

Ed McMahon SJ NY 47

Eduardo Forastieri NY 60

Martin J. Neylon SJ NY 37

Jerry Brown

Ted Von Eiff

Joseph Moscinski NY 59

Brian H. Smith NY 58

Oliver F. Beauchemin BUF 65

Donald Magnetti NY 57

John Lanyi NY 57

David Kolb NY 57

William Dych SJ, David Kolb NY 57, Karl Rahner SJ, Peter Schineller SJ

Michael D. Coogan NY 60

William P. Sutherland NY 59

Robert Kern Curtis NY 58
Published June 1969 QST page 66
Taken in his room in "Tynantown" at Xavier

Jim Loughran SJ NY 58

Stephen R. Deangelis NY 60 7/31/62

Stephen R. de Angelis NY 60 April 2008

John P. Stanley NY 55

Bob Curtis and Peter Harvey at Shrub Oak

John Treubig SJ NY 14 at Murray-Weigel Hall

Richard Caplice, Joe Halpin, Stacey Wolek, Ron Bowers

Bob Curtis NY58 and Joe Halpin NY49 at Bob's 60th Birthday Party

Shrub Oak: First year 1962 - photo by Crane Hertz

Shrub Oak: Third year - spring 1962 - Photo courtesy of Peter McNamee

Joe Halpin as a First Year Regent at Xavier HS in 1956-1957

Mike Egan NY 58

Gerald Esterheld NY 59

Virgil Kaulius

Virgil Kaulius' Family Picnic

Inside Xavier's Darkroom in 1956